Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ladies' Old Fashioned Tea Party

Yes folks, we did throw an old-fashioned tea party!
For an extra special tea party, the Bossie Girls say:
  • A small-ish group works well for this.  When everyone can fit around the table, we can all hear each other chat and laugh.  This is excellent Bonding Time With Your Bossies!
  • Make sure to have some dress-up clothes on hand for this!  It gives it a sense of occasion and play, and not everyone has a tea-party-ish hat.  
  • Next time, Bossie Ms. Pip here will make sure to have extra dress-up clothes on hand.  As it was, we had fun with the collection of vintage aprons, table cloths, and scarves that I had picked up on Craigslist.  (For a great price, of course!)
  • Make it a potluck if you do not have time to prepare goodies.
  • If you can manage to have some cookies baking when your guests arrive, they will be very happy about it.  I promise!  Trader Joe's cookies are Very Yummy... just in case no one has time to bake.  You can heat them up in the oven to make them warm and spread the yummy smell throughout the house.   Mmmmmmmmmm.......
  • If your group is up for it, feel free to spike the tea.  Its medicinal.  Of course it is!  You may, of course, feel Plenty Festive Enough with straight tea.
  • Google how to read tea leaves!  Then, tell everyone what you learned.  Everyone can read their own, taking turns 'round the table.
  • Ask people to tell stories about tea parties from other times.
  • A tea set With Attitude can add to the occasion:

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