Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ladies' Spring Tea Party

Another fun idea: Send off spring with a tea party!  (The old fashioned kind.  No politics here.)  The Bossies are planning this year's tea party.  Here is a picture from last year's success:

Spring hats, gloves, vintage aprons and tablecloths, flowers, tea, scones...  Perhaps we had a smidgen more cocktails in our tea cups than actual tea...  Bossie Kristy studied up on how to read tea leaves and we all took turns trying to read the leaves in the bottom of our cups.  By the end of the party we were all singing gospel music together.  Two of the Bossies were so inspired, they started a community choir soon after!

Community organizing or not, this is a super fun idea for a party.  Especially when you have a bunch of people with indeterminate schedules.  You can have 25 people or 5 people; its fun either way.  Just ask them to bring tea and little tea-party type snackies.  Cucumber sandwiches, anyone?