Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bossie Girlfriend Points for Bossie Ms. Hattie

A gazillion Bossie Girlfriend points to Miss Hattie, who, after joining me in seeing my only daughter graduate from high school and go off to the senior all-night party, get this:
     Showed up at my house with champagne and sympathy and proceeded to tell me how wonderful my daughter was. What a Pal!  What a Pal!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Found, via Meetup: Best Salsa Dancing Venue Ever!

Meetup.com is an awesome website!  If you are new in a town, or bored in your same-'ol town, or just want to add some variety to your life, meetup.com could be a great source of Fun and Adventure.
How cool is this: outdoor salsa dancing at a Cuban-owned winery.  There was, of course, a wine tasting. :-) The sun came in and out while a band played. Dozens of us danced on a big round patio alongside a water fountain and lavender.  

DH deserves all the credit for making this Adventure happen.  Ms. Pippin here was getting cranky about our infrequent dancing.  DH was sympathetic, being the avid salsero (salsa aficionado) that he is.  The problem is, most salsa events start so late at night, and we are, ahem, Feeling Old when we try to dance too late.  Well, folks, this may not be a long-term solution to our problem, but if we keep up this level of creativity and initiative, we may find more salsa events that match our schedules.
Salsa Dancer and Teacher Extraordinaire, George Caceres organized the Meetup (and gets credit for the photos). You can find some of his classes here
Cubanismo Vinyards is Outside of Salem, Oregon.  Mauricio, the owner, is very friendly.  My favorite wines were the rosados (ros├ęs).  There will be lessons and dancing there again on June 19th and  July 17th.